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7 Tips to Making the Most of Your 30s 

7 Tips to Making the Most of Your 30s   Your 20s were about playing hard- finding yourself and taking risks and discovering your path. Your 30s are about hard work and laying down foundations. But it’s easy to get swept up with work, relationships, and family life and forget the most important things. Here are a few tips to help you fend off a case of the regrets.1. Stay on MessageSuccess isn’t just measured in money and accumulated stuff. And choosing a career that seems safe and lucrative now can lead to feelings of meaninglessness later. You’ve spent your 20s figuring out who you are. Now spend your 30s developing your purpose, and make following that purpose your number one obsession. It will get you out of the rat race and onto your own course, with your own personal finish line to sprint towards.2. Set Yourself UpBig spender? The bad habits you picked up in your 20s are carrying over- maybe even getting worse now that you’re making a bit more money. Rather than spending all of your surplus income on luxuries and treats, remember that every dollar you save now can grow and actually earn you more security later on.3. Make MemoriesJust because these are your primo working years doesn’t mean you should be working all the time. Make sure you carve out space in your schedule for maintaining important relationships with your family and friends. Keeping loved ones close can be very fulfilling and can even make you more productive.4. Pay Back Your ParentsDon’t take your biggest fans for granted. In building a life for yourself, it’s easy to lose track of time. Don’t forget, however, that your parents aren’t getting any younger, and they won’t be around forever. Make sure you carve out a bit of time to spend with them.5. Stay HealthyYou can’t get away with the bad habits or the junk food of your 20s anymore. Exercise, eat right, limit stress, and keep control of your vices. Set yourself up for success- and have the energy to enj oy it!6. Don’t Wait Until You’re ReadyThere’s never a perfect time to start a family, and no one is ever totally prepared. Don’t wait until you feel perfectly ready to have a child, or you’ll be waiting forever and one day it will be too late.7. Have FunDon’t spend the early part of your adulthood working too much and chasing money. Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Go on dates with your partner, start a family, go on trips, spend time with your friends. You might have all the money in the world, but it won’t be worth a thing if you are too miserable to enjoy it.The 7 Biggest Career and Life Mistakes You Can Make in Your 30s

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Mother and Ella Essays

Mother and Ella Essays Mother and Ella Essays Not a Day â€Å"Mommy and daddy, I love you. I don’t think I can last more than a day without you†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Stars lit the night sky like glistening diamonds woven onto a cloak of black. The shrill cries of ravens dissolved in the distance as the northern wind softly hushed and then withdrew. The small town of Hindenburg was silent and not a breath escaped the petite dwellings. The scent of medicine filled a petite hospital’s ward, as a blood pressure monitor slowly fluctuated. â€Å"The eye transplant is complete and her vitals are stable. She may be able to go home by the end of the week if her current conditions do not change,† the nurse reassured as she covered young Ella in freshly laundered blankets. â€Å"Those eyes, they remind me so much of†¦Ã¢â‚¬  her grandmother began. She cupped Ella’s small hands into her own, and a warm tear slid down her aging face. The excruciating death of Ella’s parents left her sightless and torn. Her family had been on an expedition to Africa’s largest safari. As an enfant, she loved jungles for the surprises that lied beyond the strangled vines. She loved how the animals cared for one another in the wild and how each one of them died in bliss. Then there was the moment that changed Ella’s life forever. It haunted her thoughts in flashbacks and it was always the same. Acute rays of a headlight coming closer, a terrifying moment of freefall, and then the shrill cry of her mother who fell upon the lifeless body of her father. It lasted for only a second, but it changed her life forever. The young girl’s silver grey eyes resembling clear pools of agony slowly hid behind her heavy eye-lids. Beneath the glassy windows of the ward were miniature figures of sheep that were carefully inked. One, two, three, four, five†¦ one after the other they appeared. Her marble hands gripped the ends of her sheets and she waited for it to happen. And then it did. - She was swinging from branch to branch wearing torn leopard skin and garlands of fresh wildflowers. Colourful toucans crossed the skies and fluttered to create a whirlwind of exotic shades. Below, a stampede of large-footed rhinos shook the vines that held the land together. Chimpanzees shook glances and welcomed Ella openheartedly with their outstretched, hairy arms. In sheer elation, they skipped deeper into the wild like Tarzan’s children. Ella’s smile broadened; she was where she loved to be. It was a miraculous sight. The damp air was suddenly replaced with a cool mist, and Ella heard a thunder echo just miles away. It was monstrous and real. The canopies of the trees immediately gave way and huddled together. They were responding to her fear as if they could sense her agony. Then there was a flash, and everything was dark. Pitch black with not a single ray of light

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Art and the Church and the national parks are practically the same Term Paper

Art and the Church and the national parks are practically the same thing. You're defended because you're ineffectual - Term Paper Example One of the artists who have created very effective art in recent times is Giuseppe (2012) Pellicano. Giuseppe work is quite the opposite of the ineffective artist as described by Connor (2006), and his artistic work does not need to be defended. As a conceptual artists Giuseppe has been able to attract the attention of the masses to issues that are critical to the society. One of Giuseppe (2012)’s artwork the The Left.Left. Rigtht. Left. Porcelain has been able to attain critical acclaim for the artiste and cannot be said to be ineffectual as Connor (2006) claims. Under a concept similar to Eleanor Antin’s 100 boots concept, Giuseppe (2006) developed the Left. Left. Left, right, left exhibition to remember the American soldiers who lost their lives in the Iraq war. The Left.Left. Rigth. Left Installation According to Giuseppe (2012), the title emanates from a cadence call in the military used in ordering soldiers into marching formations. This call is made by the leadin g soldiers then the others repeat behind him in unison. The title was symbolic as it echoes with the Camaraderie and unity among the soldiers who fought in Operation Iraq freedom , Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. The artwork was created by using porcelain moulded into the shape of military boots. Initially, Giuseppe (2012) set out to mould a boot for every soldier who had lost their life in the three operations. The combat boot had five parts that made up the various side of a boot. The boot was made by bandying the five parts of the boot together and the pouring the mixed Porcelain into the mould. The mould was then allowed to shape for three hours before the mould was unfastened to release the boot that looks like the real life boot. The porcelain was allowed to dry further before removing the seams at the junction of the moulds. The surface is then thoroughly smoothed and cleansed to improve its aesthetic appeal. Before, taking the boots to the kiln, a hole was made in the tongue of the boots and Dog tags were fastened through the hole in the tongue. According to the creator, Porcelain was chosen as the material to be creating the boots as its the best among clay bodies and would represent the absolute respect the creator wished to show the soldiers. Porcelain remains white even after firing a colour the creator felt represents stillness and silence used to pay the last respect to a fallen soldier. According to Giuseppe (2012) the same material and slip casting was chosen for making the boots to make sure their represent the view that humans are all equal. According to Giuseppe (2012) the similarities in design would mirror the fact that each soldier was made of blood and flesh, regardless of religion, sex or race. The need to create boots from the same cast explains why the creator was unable to mould more than a 100 boots, as the cast has a short lifespan that can only create a limited number of boots. The idea to fasten dog tags on the boots was taken from another artwork also used to commemorate the lives of fallen soldier in a previous war. This artwork is named Above and Beyond and is displayed at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. It is 10-by-40- foot sculpture and is fastened with soldiers name bearing the names of every soldier who fell in the Vietnam War. Similarly, Giuseppe (2012) used dog tags bearing the name, date of death and the

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UNIT 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UNIT 6 - Essay Example Peterson had a right of being informed of the plans to transfer his employment contract and the ownership of the station in advance. Peterson had a right to resign if he did not intend to extend his contract to Evening news but he will not have any right to claim for redundancy or unfair dismissal pay. If the working conditions in the new employer are worse, Peterson has a right to resign and claim for unfair dismissal pay. Peterson has a right to disagree with the transfer of his employment contract to a new employer. This is when the new employer wants to change the term of the contract, which had been agreed by Peterson and the previous employer. If the employers want to change the terms of contract for the benefit of Peterson, it will be allowed. If the new employer wants to dismiss or make any redundancy for technical or an economic reason, Peterson has a right to redundancy payment. The employer should not select Peterson for redundancy because he transferred from another compa ny. (Beatty & Samuelson, 2007) Peterson has a right to enforce the contract between Post-Network and evening News because he was not considered in the transfer of the Station to Evening News yet he had signed a binding agreement with Post-Network as an employer for three years. It is not ethical for Evening News to prevent Peterson from changing job to work for the competing station because Peterson had informed them early of his plan to resign. In addition, Peterson had not entered into any contract with Evening News, as the contract was not changed during the transfer of the station. The previous employer of the transfer did not inform Peterson. Post-Network had a right to transfer the station but should have informed Peterson through a letter in advance that the station is transferred such that Peterson can decide whether to work for the new employer or not. Collateral contract is whereby parties to a contract enter in to more than two

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Introduction To External Migration And Internal Migration Marketing Essay

Introduction To External Migration And Internal Migration Marketing Essay Migration is the movement of people across a specified boundary for the purpose of establishing a new or semi-permanent residence. Migration included external migration and internal migration (Indepth Network, 2008). And this article would talk about the international migration (external migration), it means people migrate across the land and sea from different nations. There are some advantages of migration. First, people can enjoy a better living environment and a democratic, progressive and safety society which cannot get in their original country. Safety is the very important for persons to consider migration. Especially for people whose original countries are suffering a native disaster or social instability, like economy problem and progressive problem. At this time, they would like restart doing everything rather than stay in danger. Migration is the best choice to them (Tonita, 2010). Secondly, offer children an advanced education. Except that, for the rich Chinese immigrates, they would feel more safety, their money also would be taken care. Second, for some businessmen, migration offers a chance to develop their business. And live in other country, they can experience a cultural diversity and expand their living experiences, which would be easy for them to communication with others in business. There could be some possible drawbacks to immigrants. First, for most of countries, it reduces the skill people, like doctor, lawyer and accountant. And it leads to an environment where develop knowledge and resource is lost to another country. Secondly, if they do not have skill which country economy needs, it would be so hard for them to find or look for a job. And because of the high unemployment and less friend would create a very crime rate. Next, for kids migrate with their parentsat the early time. They are no longer acquiringtheir native language and custom (Attachment across culture, 2010).Moreover, sometimes during the process of migration, separation family members occurred immediately. Sometimes members migrate first, and others follow a few months or years later. That cause a lot of parents and children are separated in different countries (Attachment across culture, 2010). At this time, migration is not a good thing for them, they may lose their relationship, even worse, and immigration would destroy peoples life. Next, language is a biggest problem for them. Not all the people can migrate to countries which speak the same language with their hometown. So when they move to the country, they must overcome the language problem first. After migration, they will always experience some culture shock. By living, sometimes, they have to restart learning all the things. Like, language and skills, even they are not willing to. With Australia as an example, when people migrate to Australia, they must learn English that can ensure they can work and live well. Last, with so many immigrants move to the big city, it is so difficult to balance between males and females of the city population. Also cause the problems for the city, the city has to extensive housing programs and expand its water, electricity and communication facilities to meet all peoples needs (Arce and Alvarez, 2010). In my view, I disagree that people would abandon and corrupted the traditional valuesafter migration. This is because when we move to another place, we must adapt to the culture of the host country. This process of adapting is known as acculturation.Acculturation is the process of adjusting to the host culture by adopting its values, symbols and/or behaviour (Dwyer, 1999, p.25). Acculturation does not mean people will abandon their own traditional culture but they accept each others culture. For example, most Chinese move to USA, they usually would adapt to the new environment to meet the needs of studying, working and living. But that does not present they forget their traditional values. We still can see a lot of Chinatown around the world in different big cities. Chinatown is the place for most Chineseliving  together, and at that place, they open a lot of Chinese style shops.  In the Chinatowns of all over the world, we do not only see the Chinese. We see tourists and also the local people live, eat and shop there. This promotes cultural relativism. Cultural relativism is the recognition of cultural differences and acceptance that each social group has its own set of cultural norm(Dwyer, 1999, p. 26). The people who come to Chinatown accept the Chinese culture and they are fine with it.   Like, Chinese restaurant.   That is one of the ways for them to keep  the traditional things. Besides, they also celebrate the Chinese Traditional Days to develop their original culture. Like, Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival. And for Chinese people, wherever they are, Spring Festival is the biggest event, so, it is being celebrated all over the world in different way. And it is very good to see the Chinese culture on display. In Singapore, most of Singaporean is Chinese; they celebrate the Chinese New Year by a series of activities. For instance, lion dance. Chinese food is also very famous in the world. No matter where Chinese are; most of them develop the Chinese restaurant. And it is a very good opportunity to show world the Chinese culture with Chinese food. Besides for many businessman, the growing international business acquired them to work overseas as part of their career. And the key of their career success depends on the communication skill in an intercultural environment (Himstreet and Baty, 1987). In conclusion, people would not lose their traditional and core values after migration; they still can develop their culture and spread to the world. However, immigrants also need to learn new things to make sure get involved to the local and climb social ladder. Reference List Arce,W., and Alvarez, G.(1983), Population Change in Southeast Asia, Insitute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. Dwyer, J. (1999), Communication in Business: strategies and skills, Prentice Hall Australia Pty Ltd, Australia by Star Printery, Erskineville, NSW. Himstreet, W C., and Baty, W M. (1987), Business Communications, 8thedn, PWS-Kent Publishing Company, United States of America. Indepth Network (2008), Migration definition, viewed on 26 August 2010, . N.D, Impact of Migration,viewed on 26 August 2010, . Tonita, H. (2010), why do people immigrate to other countries?viewed on 26 August 2010, . Essay 2: Social network refer to a Web platform where people can build relationship with others who share the same interest, ideals, thoughts, activities and information (Powell, 2009; Safko and Brake, 2009). It offers a new way to communicate. The internet and online networking have come along way. Today, Internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other people to gather and share first-hand information and experiences (Information Organizations in Asia and Oceania, 2010). Social networking websites like an online community of Internet users. And Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are the most popular and influence online social network system. These tools sometimes include more than 500 million registered users that host more than millions of photographs, such as Facebook (Facebook, 2010). And they aimed to help people to connect and socialize with one another. Whether you are from a small organisation or a multinational corporation, social network are changing the way we do business. Anyone can join in it for free. Besides, it can create a lot of new business opportunity in producing, distributing, communication. Thus, social networking is becoming most important strategy to develop your business. The reasons why companies spend a lot in social networking, because rely on the social network sites, like Facebook and Twitter are the ways to reach their customers and help them build the public relationship. But for different size company, they may use different kind of social networking. For large company, like Dell and Starbucks, they can spend millions of dollars, even setting a department to take care of their social networking. But for a small or poor company, they also can use free social networking sites, like, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With Facebook as an example, businesses on Facebook may connect with members in a number of ways : Online Adverting, Facebook Connect and Customer Applications. Starbucks is another innovative company using social networking to build customer loyalty and mine innovative ideas from its customers (Hartley, 2010, p. 30). Starbucks has one of the best social media strategies. The most major online community they use are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. You can find their Facebook page, and if you are a twitter user, you also can find them in Twitter. Besides, Customers who register their Starbucks card not only get special discounts on drink and food, but also access to the Internet to provide feedback. My Starbucks Ideatheir own social network site In March 2008, Starbucks launched their own social media site called The My Starbucks Idea blog ( Readers are allowed to share suggestions, vote and discuss posted ideas, and see the most popular ideas would be highlighted and have been implemented. (Starbucks Corporation, 2010) Starbucks Blog called Ideas in Action. It is a part of My Starbucks Idea website. This blog is written by various Starbucks employees and talks about what Starbucks is doing with the ideas given by users on the My Starbucks Idea site. This blog let the reader know what happening with their ideas and increase the loyalty to this brand. Starbucks on Twitter Starbucks uses twitter every day to connect people and get heard. Until Today, Starbucks has over 1 million followers (Twitter, 2010). Twitter is a place for Starbucks to provide the better customer service. By using twitter to answer questions and retweets to communicate with the Starbucks fans and customers. Twitter also helps it to spread the news from the company. Every time, when Starbucks launch a new product, we always can find the related photo and articles link from Twitter at the first time. Besides, it helped to engaged consumers. Starbucks has already participated in Twitters promoted Tweets program, it means advertised sponsored link in twitter by paying money. (Rao, L, 2010) Starbucks using twitter as a promotional tool. And it offers discounts and promotions to users who retweet their message, thus making use of the word-of-mouth that currently exists on Twitter. Starbucks on Facebook Starbucks Facebook page has 10 million fans (Facebook, 2010), when they update their company their page, their fans would notice. And Facebook is a great social network site to organise the events, they use it to organise the real events. Besides, Starbucks also using the Facebook discussion with fans to talk about the products and service and announce the latest news. Starbucks also provide a promotion for free pastry on its Facebook pages, which let customer can find a coupon for free pastry with a purchase a coffee drink. Starbucks created a photo gallery, and post a lot of pictures not only the just latest coffee, but also got partners (staffs) and customers in it. Except that, they also put Howard (the CEO of Starbuck)s latest picture to close with the customers. Starbucks also  advertises  on Facebook to help in bringing  traffic  to Starbucks homepage. Starbucks on YouTube Starbucks also has its own YouTube Channel, and over 7,000 people subscribe to the Starbucks (YouTube, 2010). They upload video same as the commercial, and tell the audiences the information about their history and show people how they provide the best coffee. On the other hand, employees of Starbucks always submit headlines for YouTube videos with coffee experts talking about Starbuck Coffee. Not like other companies, Starbucks also allow people to update their video to their page. Recently, Starbucks join to the photo site called Flickr, and has more than thousands members with 15 thousand pictures. There is no doubt, Starbucks and many other businesses figured out using the social networking sites can help build the brand and engage the customer with spending less money.

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Pakistani Prunes Essay

I began my preparation for this negotiation by reading the section in the textbook, The Pakistani Prunes, on page 498. Although this did not give me any additional information on the negotiation itself, it did make me aware of the main idea of this negotiation which was â€Å"work together in cooperation.† When I realized this negotiation was based on collaboration, I studied article 1.8, Implementing a Collaborative Strategy, more in depth. I took notes on points that I would be able to use during the negotiation. Then I made a list of possible questions that I could ask at the very start of the negotiation and the specific steps to a collaboration. I also used an article by Robert A. Steinberg called, The Game of Negotiation. From this article, I used the tactic of, â€Å"Identifying with others in similar circumstances.† With this tactic, I made sure to get the other parties’ story and listen to their whole side before jumping to conclusions. 1.8 (Implementing a Collaborative Strategy) This article stated the steps to the collaborative strategy. I used this during the negation by following the steps to ensure that I was not rushing through the process or forgetting an important issue. During the â€Å"Generating Alternative Solutions† step of the negotiation, we â€Å"expanded the pie†, by both using the whole prune, and we also â€Å"bridged† by creating the idea that one person bids while the other pays the bidder themselves. 1.9 (Solving Joint Problems to Create and Claim Value) In this article, I focused on the idea of ZOPA (zone of possible agreement). I remembered not to pass my ZOPA but instead listen and learn everything about the other parties’ needs. With this strategy I was able to acquire the information that the other party only needed the outside of the prune while  my organization only needed the pits. Another idea in this article that I used was to â€Å"Adopt a Persuasive Style.† Although I did not like the idea of being persuasive, I did remember to understand the other parties’ story. Instead of just listening and thinking of my next move, during this negotiation I focused on their needs and the key points to their research. 1.5 (Effective Negotiation Techniques) I was prepared to use the tactic of Fait Accompli and was set on making the first offer, but during the negotiation Tray used this method and gave me the first offer. 1.2 (Selecting a Strategy) In this article, collaboration is described in more detail, and I used this by remembering to be open and accurate during the negotiation. Strengths & Opportunities The negotiation was more integrative because Tray and I both focused on interests of both sides and not just our own. It was also integrated because we tried our best to â€Å"expand the pie.† We began the negotiation by explaining our reasoning for needing the prunes and each invested time in listening to the others interests. After this we quickly realized that we only needed part of the prune and not the whole prune. Identifying this early was the main strength during our negotiation because we were then able to figure out the logistics of the bidding process and the separation of the prunes. In article 1.8, it says not to rush the selecting solutions process. I used this to my advantage because I knew that if we were to rush the selection we would miss something important. With this reminder, we realized that we may not be the other people bidding on the prunes and decided that we should plan for this possibility. This was a big strength because we both agreed that in the occasion that someone else is bidding on the prunes and exceeded his $8 million limit, we would combine our investments to outbid the opponent. Together our limit was $13 million for this occurrence. Another strength that I had during the negotiation was that Tray did not know all of my information. I informed him that if my organization had to pick, clean, and separate the prunes, that our machines would pulverize not only the pits but also pulp. I informed him that this would make the pulp of the prunes worthless and that he would need to pick, wash, and separate the pits and the pulp. He agreed that this was the best solution, which is why he is doing all the initial work to obtain the prunes and we are purchasing just the pits from him after. In a way, I was using misrepresentation that is illustrated in article 2.11, Negotiation Ethics. I was using partially true statement when I was informing him of the machines but it was in fact a misrepresentation of the true facts. While we were writing the contract, we made the mistake of not thoroughly reading through our contract. Instead of having 65.2% on the contract we wrote 2.5% for the percentage of money I would be paying him for the pits. This meant I would have been paying significantly less money than we had initially negotiated. We both signed the contract while it had 2.5% on it and because of this I had the opportunity to take advantage of the mistake and only have to pay a small percentage of what Tray was going to have to pay. After looking over the contract, I felt that fixing the mistake was better in the long run because I would have a better relationship with him after the negotiation, and I would also not go against what we had previously discussed in the negotiation. I believed that my integrity was more important to me than the payment. I did recognize this weakness, but I did not capitalize on the weakness. I realized now that I am becoming a negotiator that analyses each move before taking it. The first negotiation I was trying to be nice the whole negotiation and because of that I forgot about some of my interest. This negotiation I was able to focus on both my interest and the other parties. I analyzed each response before taking action, which is why I gave him misinformation about our machinery. It was either pay a little more and get just the pits or do all the picking, washing, and separating and also bidding for the prunes myself. I do not think I took advantage of Tray because I did pay compensation for the extra work that he would have to do  initially. Weaknesses & Threats The biggest weakness, which was also a threat during this negotiation, was the mistake on the contract. This was an opportunity to take advantage of Tray, and if I would have taken that opportunity I could have severely damaged my reputation as a negotiator. Since I wrote the contract, it could have looked like I purposely miscalculated the percentage to my advantage. If I had chosen to keep the initial contract I would have represented myself as a sneaky and unethical person. A threat that occurred was that Tray did not understand that we needed different parts of the prune. Although, he caught on very quickly, we could have hit one of the obstacles mentioned in article 1.8. If Tray would have continued to think of his own interest and not listen completely to mine we would not have been able to collaborate on a win-win contract. I do not believe that I had any weaknesses that left me with a target on my chest. The negotiation went as I had expected it to. If given the chance I would probably give Tray all the information right off the bat, without any misrepresentation. Although the misleading of the machinery worked out in my favor, I think that I could have gotten the same effect if all the information had been presented truthfully. Also, I would not feel the internal battle that I negotiated unethically. This negotiation, I remembered to read all the possible information in preparation for the negotiation but I forget to reach deeper to the personal level during the negotiation. I went straight to business and asked questions referring to the negotiation and not the background of the negotiator. I think that if I had done this I would have gotten more background information that may have helped me with the relationship side of the negotiation. While I did listen to the organizations background and research, I did not ask about Trays background. I could have used that information to my advantage by possibly paying less due to the fact that Dr.  Wilson had a lot of money to throw around. Brief Summary of YOU as a negotiator I negotiated on the basis that I wanted to work together and figure out exactly what each of us needed. I was able to get what I needed out of the contract while coming together with Tray to figure out his needs. I was also able to figure out the payment of the prunes and how much we were both willing to pay for them. I stuck to the collaboration strategy and did not take advantage of my competitor but instead saw him as a partner. Brief Summary of your COUNTERPART as a negotiator Tray started the negotiation exactly how I was going to start it, with background information on what exactly we both wanted. He was great at thinking of possible situations that we may encounter. He did not live up to his reputation as â€Å"ruthless† but instead was compassionate to my organization. He believed that we both had a similar interest and was able to come up with some of the compromises to our contract. He also stepped up and took the initial task of bidding for the prunes and doing the labor to separate the prunes. Who do you believe did a better job of negotiating?

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Global Warming Essay Essay

‘The earth has a fever, and the fever is rising†¦ We are what is wrong and we must make it right’ (Al Gore, 2007) In the context of global warming, discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. Global warming has been happening for millions of years through periods of glacial’s and interglacial’s. The last glacial period occurred during the last years of the Pleistocene, approximately 110,000 to 12,000 years ago and ever since then the earth has been warming up. However the change between the heating and cooling used to be for natural reasons but now scientist are beginning to think that humans may be effecting this change meaning that the earth is warming. Climate change (a long term change in weather) can be seen from many sources. Historical evidence, such as agriculture reports, as it indirectly show different conditions as different crops grow better in different conditions and weather records can be used to show the weather in the past and the present (only since records began in 1861) which show a detailed change in the climate in only a short period of time. Physical evidence can also show climate change. Ice cores, sea sediment, a change in sea level and retreating glaciers all can show heating and cooling. Ice cores can be analysed as every year a new layer of ice will form and so the trapped gases from each year can be analysed. Sediments on the sea floor can similarly be analysed for the amount of O-16 or O-18 gas is present, as a colder climates would have more O-18 present. Sea level change is affected by changes such as ice melting, so if glaciers are retreating further there will be more water in the sea therefore it will rise. Finally biological evidence can be used as a source. Pollen analysis can date pollen to see when it was deposited, and then they can work out what the climate was like by seeing the conditions plants live in now. Tree rings can also be used, this is a similar method to ice cores, since a new ring grows every year so you can date the tree and then look at the thickness of each ring to tell what the climate was like. All this can show evidence that the temperature of the climate is rising and global warming is happening. The rate at which the global temperature is rising in unheard of in historical terms and scientists believe that is mainly down to humans. Increasing amounts of CO2 and methane gas are major contributors to global warming as they trap much of the long wave radiation trying to escape. Humans add to the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. Since the mid 19th century CO2 has increased form 280ppm to 380ppm. Deforestation removes plant that absorb CO2 so not as much goes into the atmosphere so when they are cut down they stop taking in CO2 meaning that there is more in the atmosphere rather than organic matter. CO2 is also released when trees as burnt. One other human activity that releases methane and nitrous oxides is farming. Nitrous oxides are released into the atmosphere when farmers use fertilisers. Livestock produce a lot of methane which all goes into the atmosphere. And also rice paddy fields emit methane. The causes of global warming are majorly to do with human activities, and we must change what we do. The impact of what we do on the earth has huge global impacts. Precipitation patterns will change and mid to high latitudes will receive a lot more precipitation and drier areas are likely to get drier for example Africa and Central America. This is due to changes in ocean circulation and wind patterns. These changes will also cause more major weather evens such as floods, droughts and storms. The spread of heat related illness could rise in countries that are more likely to get droughts now and food-borne illnesses may increase too as temperatures rise. Also disease vectors will be able to move to more countries that are currently too cold so malaria could become more of a problem. In some areas higher temperatures and less rain fall will reduce river flow and ground water flow so reservoirs may dry up, this could cause conflict between countries as in some areas water supply is likely to decrease by 10% by 2020. Food productivity may become a problem as well for a similar reason, however the type of crops grown may change in areas to crops that prefer that areas weather condition. The melting of glaciers and ice caps cause a rise in sea level which means habitats are lost and it will cause flooding in coastal areas and low lying areas this could mean that areas of SE Asia will be lost as well as islands  in the Pacific and Indian ocean. These impacts reflect the problems of the earths ‘fever’ and we need to respond to them to put it right again. The response at a global level, to global warming, have been to put a protocol together, called the Kyoto Protocol, aimed at reducing emissions. This agreement was formed in 1997 in order to monitor and reduce greenhouse gases. Developing countries and developed countries are both included in the scheme, developed countries had to cut emissions by 5% of their 1990 level between 2008 and 2012 and developing countries just need to monitor their levels so that they don’t rise. In order to persuade countries to keep to this incentives are given in the form of carbon credits, which countries can then sell to other countries if they are struggling. However the four countries with the highest CO2 emissions did not sign up originally in fear of it effecting their growth and economy. Responses at a national level are also helpful. Changing the energy mix of the country to use more renewable energy sources will reduce green house emissions from power stations, for example in the UK a 40% reduction of emissions by 2020 will be achieved by changing the energy mix. Also carbon capture will cut the amount of CO2 as it transports the excess CO2 to places where it can be stored safely. This has the potential to reduce emissions by 90%. Encouraging home owners to reduce fuel consumption in there homes would also help and giving financial incentives to people who create there own energy from renewable resources will hopefully help cut emissions. Furthermore if people were to use their cars less and chose to use public transport, walk or cycle emissions will be cut further. Many cities have now set up park and ride schemes, for example Oxford, so that you don’t have to take you car as far. Finally local responses to climate change include recycling more so there is less waste going to land fill, which produces methane gas and choosing energy efficient appliances as many old appliances produce 50% more emissions then new technologies. These are some things that we have to do to lower the temperature of the earth. In conclusion, Al Gore’s statement, I feel, is correct as we are contributing to the effects of global warming by emitting more CO2 and methane gas into the atmosphere so much of the long wave radiation cannot escape. I think  that all international, national and local are all-important, as they will all bring positive consequences to responding to global warming even if some have better affects than others. I believe that the international is the most important since it’s on such a huge scale the affects should be just as big. Recycling and using energy wisely are very easy and if everyone took these actions then the affects of global warming would be reducing massively. I think for these local responses to work the government should spend extensive money on promoting them – more so than they do already. If all these actions were put in place we would hopefully put the temperature back to where it belongs.